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Nutrition Bytes_Conch

The queen conch is a delicacy in many areas of the world. But in the Caribbean, it is a daily source of protein. It is also a source of income for many fishermen in the region. The sweet and tasty flesh of the conch must be tenderized before cooking. This is usually done by pounding or stripping away the outer layer. Conch is extremely versatile.

Conch may be eaten uncooked, as a salad, prepared in a batter and fried, served as conch chowder, boiled and served in butter sauce, Creole sauce, curry, or any other number of ways.

Conch is of rather high nutritional value. It is an excellent source of protein and low in fat and carbohydrates. Conch is also a good to excellent source of essential vitamins and minerals, including iron, selenium, vitamin B12, folate and vitamin E.Nutritionists recommend eating more seafood and conch makes an excellent choice.

Unfortunately, in the U. S., the price could be prohibitive, while in the Caribbean, this delicate meat is available at a fraction of the cost. Remember, keep low-calorie foods low by avoiding adding excessive amounts of fat in cooking or at the table. Read more.

Selected resources:
This 1999 publication from the University of Georgia is a tremendous resource for anyone interested in learning about seafood. It contains a wealth of information.

This popularly referenced table of food composition is a good starting point to learn about the nutritional value of any food.

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